As the Nokia Internet Tablets have relatively slow processors, and relatively little storage space it is a good idea to "transcode" your videos to a smaller, more suitable format for watching them.

Nokia's Internet Tablet Video Converter is by far the best GUI video converter for this task, however only runs on Windows. It is also sometimes useful to be able to convert videos on the command line. It is, of course, possible to use mencoder directly to get appropriately formatted videos, but making sure the output will work, without testing it, is a laborious process and involves remembering fairly long-winded command lines.


tablet-encode can help with all these problems:


The screenshots below are of the GUI version, obviously...

[Selecting an input video] [Converting a video]

Getting mencoder

tablet-encode depends on mencoder from MPlayer. If you don't have it already installed (try typing mencoder on its own on a command line), you can find it in the following places:

Follow the installation instructions in the download. Once installed you should be able to type mencoder at a command line and see that it is installed properly.


tablet-encode --help
tablet-encode --preset list
tablet-encode input.avi output.avi
tablet-encode --list file1.avi file2.avi file3.avi
tablet-encode --preset best input.avi output.avi
tablet-encode dvd: film.avi
tablet-encode --preset best dvd://1 dvd://2 dvd://3 media/
tablet-encode --gui input.avi output.avi


More information, including comments ratings and downloads can be found on downloads. Earlier releases can still be found on The tarball is about 14KB.

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